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Welcome to MagNoogle. The primary purpose of this page is support information for Magna Computer Corp's timeshare software.

In addition there are numerous other offerings that I imagined. This Wiki is meant to be used a public forum for all of the Timeshare and Vacation ownership industry. Perhaps I will breakout the definitions area to become a separate site. Perhaps a "best practices area" is needed. However Magna Timeshare Software is really setup to be a best practices platform to run your timeshare or vacation ownership related activity.

Please note that the term timeshare is interchangable mostly with vacation ownership. As presented at the 2008 ARDA Fall Conference by the newest PR firm, Vacation ownership symbolizes all the products that could be "assumed" to be timeshare.

This page and information are donated by Magna Computer Corp.'s Timeshare Software.

Timeshare Terms

In addition timeshare industry information for the documentation of the activities of timeshare resorts and operations is offered here including but not limited to Timeshare Terms


Sometimes you just want it all. This is a list of timeshare software related articles and timeshare related activities.

General Support Areas